Conquer the Cold

Conquer the Cold

We're starting the year with a bang!  Join the Conquer the Cold event and log your trips to work. Full information below.

Conquer the Cold Information

1. Make an account by downloading the getDowntown Commute Central app from the App Store or Google Play, or by going to the challenge website at

2. Check the Challenge Dashboard, and make sure you've selected the Conquer the Cold Challenge. You will need to join a team, so check and make sure your co-workers haven't already created one!

3. Log your commute, shopping, and dining trips to downtown.

  • Log your commute trip by reporting that you did something other than driving alone to work. That includes rolling over on your couch, firing up your computer, and getting to it.
  • For your shopping and dining trips:

4. Win prizes and digital badges based on your participation. For example, 2021 participants could earn:

  • 40 points in a week and you automatically be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card (sponsored by ShowYourLoveA2). Each week a winner will be drawn. Points are awarded for:
    • Ordering curbside or dining in at participating restaurants, cafés, or breweries
    • Dining or Drinking outdoors at participating businesses or purchasing curbside from them and enjoying it outside in a park or in your backyard, etc.
    • Shopping downtown either in-store or ordering to pick-up, spending at least $30
    • Logging your commute
  • Commuting Badges for logged commute trips:
    • 1 trip = Cold Scout Badge
    • 10 trips = Snowflake Badge
    • 20 trips = Winter Dominator Badge
    • 40 trips = Abominable Snowman Badge
  • Special Challenge Badges for logged trips for Comfort Food Challenge:
    • trips between January 1-3 = Mac & Cheese Trek Badge
    • trips between January 8-10 = Chili Slow Roll Badge
    • trips between January 15-17 = Soup Hop & Hops Badge
    • trips between January 22-24 = Pot Pie Pile On Badge
    • trips between January 29-31 = Chef’s Best Winter Dish Badge
  • Post a picture of you participating in any of the challenges (to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), and hashtag it #OWNWINTER and #showyourlovea2 / winner will be chosen each week for a $50 gift card (sponsored by ShowYourLoveA2).

5. All trips must be logged by February 5, 2021 in order to be counted as participating in the campaign.

6. Random winners will be selected from among all campaign participants the week of February 8th.  Winners will receive a gift card to a downtown establishment of their choice (sponsored by getDowntown).

  • Business must offer gift cards in order to receive prize.
  • Winners must provide an email address or physical address in order to receive prize.
  • The responsibility of any taxes, tax reporting, or other tax consequences falls on the prize winner.  getDowntown will provide prizes at levels that fall within the IRS safe harbor for de minimis limits.

7. Looking for more ways to participate?  Here are some ideas:

  • Make a post of your commute being logged on your social media and use the hashtags #OWNWINTER and #showyourlovea2
  • Post a picture of you making a trip of any type to downtown, and hashtag it
  • Tag your friends and neighbors and encourage them to participate (or just flat out challenge them to a contest)
  • Set up a virtual office contest to see who can get the most badges
  • Find a poster that has the Conquer the Cold Yeti on it, and post a picture of yourself with it
  • Be on the lookout for photo contests from the Show Your Love team

Tips on how to ride the bus in winter weather are available on TheRide's YouTube channel under the Winter Riding Tips playlist.

  • Download the Commute Central app and/or register at the website today
  • January 1, 2021 - The Conquer the Cold Challenge begins!
  • Special Challenges!
    • January 1-3 - Mac & Cheese Trek
    • January 8-10 - Chili Slow Roll
    • January 15-17 - Soup Hop
    • January 22-24 - Pot Pie Pile On
    • January 29-31 - Chef's Best Winter Dish
  • January 31, 2021 - The Challenge ends
  • February 4, 2020 - All January commutes must be registered to be eligible for final prizes

Conquer The Cold 2023

Sunday, January 1 to Tuesday, January 31

Stay tuned for details on the 2023 Conquer the Cold Challenge. To get involved with planning, contact us