Ridesharing in Ann Arbor

Ridesharing to work is a great option for employees who live a little further away from their job. You might be surprised at how many employees are eager to carpool or vanpool to save money and not have to hassle with parking everyday.

What are my options?


Carpooling is when two or more people share the same vehicle. Carpools usually include people who live near each other, are employees of the same company and have the similar work hours. Need help finding other carpoolers? CommuterConnectMi connects people together for free. Some employers organize carpools and provide incentives for carpooling.


Vanpooling is similar to carpooling but, instead of personal vehicles, they use full-size vans or minivans that are provided and organized by a third party company. Vanpools carry between 7-15 passengers, usually commuting to the same location from a distance farther than 15 miles.

Vanpoolers normally pay their share of the cost with pre-tax commuter benefits.


Carsharing lets you leave your car at home. Zipcar is the carsharing option in Downtown Ann Arbor and allows you to use a car when you need one. Use carsharing for running errands, going to meetings, and more.

Resources & Information

The getDowntown Program in partnership with the DDA offers preferential parking spaces for carpools of 3 or more riders or vanpools.

These spaces are located at the Ann/Ashley, Fourth/William, Fourth/E. Washington, and Forest Parking Structures. These are first floor guaranteed parking spaces and are available for the cost of 1 monthly parking permit.

For more information, please contact us.

Need a place to meet your carpool or vanpool? View MDOT map of carpool lots.

CommuterConnectMi ridematching connects people interested in carpooling or vanpooling with each other for free.