Emergency Ride Home Reimbursement Form

Complete and return this form with your original dated receipt of emergency transportation fees for reimbursement through getDowntown’s Emergency Ride Home program. ERH is available until funds run out.


*Cycling and walking may be required to produce record of commutes prior to ERH request via commute tracking app such as CommuterConnect.org, CommuteandWin.org or Strava. 

Cyclists are eligible for reimbursement for tire repair materials (up to $40) with receipts.

For additional questions, email: information@getdowntown.org

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Sharing the name of the downtown business or organization where you work will allow us to verify your eligibility for reimbursement.

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I have read and understand TheRide’s Emergency Ride Home policies. Emergency Ride Home may be used up to six times per year but no more than twice in one month. Services or rentals from Metro Cars will not be reimbursed. Emergency Ride Home cannot be used for half-days of work for non-emergency reasons or a missed trip due to non-emergency reasons. Emergency Ride Home is not available for personal trips or when the origin of the trip is not work-related. TheRide reserves the right to deny reimbursement for any submission that does not follow program guidelines.