The getDowntown Program has a staff and board that is dedicated to improving alternative transportation options for the downtown corridor. Read on for more information on the staff and board members that help to keep things moving here at getDowntown.

getDowntown Program Staff

Kelly Schwartz

kelly schwartz headshotCommuter Services Specialist | 734-794-1876 

I joined the getDowntown Program in April, 2014. I have an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I spent several years in the corporate world, working for McKesson Drug, Computer Sciences Corporation and CareTech Solutions. I shifted gears and spent many years working at Food Gatherers and the Humane Society of Huron Valley. I teach spinning at a couple local gyms and love commuting to work on my bike or the bus. I love being in Ann Arbor and talking with business owners and employees about commuting options.

Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons headshotProgram Director | 734-794-1878 

Chris Simmons is Program Director at getDowntown, where Chris creates the coordinated programming with our partners, including promotion of downtown transportation options, consulting with individual businesses to adapt transportation solutions, coordinating with other transportation programs, and staying out of Kelly’s go!pass management.

Chris has a long history in programs that provide transportation choices to commuters, with roots in the Washington State Commute Trip Reduction Program. Chris was named as a part of the Urban Programs Team to the 2008 Washington State Public Transportation Wall of Fame, as well as having served in a number of leadership positions with the Association for Commuter Transportation. Chris has also previously been involved in a number of state and national legislative efforts, including the 2006 revisions to the Washington State Commute Trip Reduction Program and MAP-21. Chris helps any downtown business find solutions to their employee transportation problems, including issues of recruitment, retention, reliability, and overcoming performance barriers.

Chris recently relocated to Ann Arbor, where you will frequently find him on the bus going to work or a meeting. 


getDowntown Program Advisory Board

The getDowntown Advisory Board is comprised of staff members from the four partners organizations that established the getDowntown Program in 1999.

Eli Cooper

A.I.C.P., Transportation Program Manager for the City of Ann Arbor | Eli is responsible for citywide transportation planning and project programming.

Susan Pollay

Executive Director, Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority | Susan is responsible for the administration of the DDA office and implementation of DDA policies and projects.

Mary Stasiak

Manager of Community Relations for the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) | Mary is responsible for marketing and communications at AAATA.