The single greatest thing you can do to improve your life

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Regular commuter, Kayla, shares a selfie.

Published: Tue, 05/05/2015 - 12:12 PM

As we have learned more about some of our Commuter Challenge participants, we've often amazed at how much changing your commute can change your life. 

Here's a post from Kayla Coleman.  Kayla works at the City of Ann Arbor and discovered some amazing benefits when she shortened her commute.

I truly believe that eliminating the daily drive to work is the single greatest quality of life improvement anyone can make. 

I spent my first few years working in Ann Arbor as a solo-drive commuter; then I made the smart decision and moved within walking distance. 

Walking to work allowed me to trade the frustration and stress of driving… and getting stuck in traffic… and waiting… and looking for parking… for fresh air, peacefulness, and 10 miles of bonus exercise each week. 

My days start at a calmer pace and I feel refreshed from the 1 mile walk that I get to make each morning. Even in the worst winter weather, I embrace that I can layer up and make my walk in, almost unaffected from my normal routine, while driving commuters face exponentially longer, more stressful, and even more dangerous commutes. Nothing beats being able to walk to work.

Do you have a life changing commuting experience you'd like to share? Email it to us at and we may post it for all to see!