How Daylight Savings Can Mess With Your Commute

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Published: Thu, 10/30/2014 - 3:46 PM

One of the signs of winter is just about to hit us.  Daylight savings takes effect on November 1, 2014.  

No matter how you get to work, the first thing you'll notice when you start your commute on Monday is that it's actually lighter in the morning.

The flip side? Your evening commute just got a whole lot darker.

This is a huge and fatal issue. According to MDOT, 4,743 pedestrians died in traffic crashes in 2012, while an estimated 76,000 were injured. And 70% of these fatalities occured during 6pm-5:59am. 

So what's a commuter to do?  Here are some fast and easy tips:

1. OWN WINTER! Check out Conquer the ColdConquer the Cold is a winter commuting event designed to motivate you to walk, bike and bus all year long.  We'll have information, videos and a contest where you can win prizes.  Click here for details.

2. If you walk, bike or bus to work: Keep it visible! Carry a light, wear reflective clothing and otherwise find ways to make it easy for drivers to see you.  And please don't try and cross the street where there are no crosswalks.  That's just asking for trouble.

3. If you drive to work: Be on your guard and realize that your eyes are going to need some time to adjust to the darker conditions.  If there are places you are used to seeing pedestrians and cyclists, they will probably still be there, just harder to see.  Keep your eyes peeled and off your phone.

Got any hints or tips to share?  Add them below!