getDowntown Program Survey

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Published: Wed, 01/09/2019 - 3:51 PM

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getDowntown conducts a periodic survey of both employees and their employers in our service area.  We use this survey to get a sense of how people are getting to work, what amenities or infrastructure might be needed to support a non-driving commute, and how employers are using the program to support their business needs.  The full survey report is available at this link.

Program staff has taken three main conclusions out of this survey:

1.  The getDowntown Program is a significant or very significant factor in 13% of downtown businesses deciding to locate in downtown Ann Arbor.

2.  All downtown employers think there is at least some benefit to the offerings of getDowntown; and

3.  There is a link between the affordability of housing and the choice of employees to live more than four miles away from downtown Ann Arbor.

For questions or more information about this report, please contact Chris Simmons at