Conquer the Cold Challenge Week 2

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Published: Fri, 01/03/2020 - 1:30 PM

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It's time again for one of the favorite challenge weeks of the contest, the Winter Haiku week!  Send us a Haiku about your non-drive alone commute, photos encouraged, between January 6th and January 12th. That includes mode eligible in the challenge (although if you do select other, we REALLY want that photo)!  Post your Haiku to social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) using our hashtags #WinterHaiku & #OWNWINTER, and email it to us at so we can be sure to give you credit!  We will post all submissions via email to our own social media accounts, attributing the haiku only to the provided first name.

All competitor submissions using at least one of the hashtags and/or emailed to us will be eligible to win the week's prizes.  The prizes for week 2 include:
* One of five SCRAP Creative reuse coupons worth $5,
* One of two free admissions to the Michigan Theater,
* One of two handmade Yeti ornaments,
* One Blom Meadworks $15 gift card
* One of three Domino's $20 gift cards,
* One Jerusalem Garden $25 gift card, or
* One gift card for the M Den worth $25.

Winners will be randomly drawn from submissions after noon on January 13th, and competitors selected for prizes will be notified via their email listed with their challenge account.

Questions? Please contact us at