Commuter Challenge Organization Winners

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Published: Thu, 06/08/2017 - 6:48 PM

Congratulations to our Commuter Challenge Organization Winners and their Team Captains for getting your teams to join in and log alternative commutes. 

Honorable mention goes out to our next place finishers in each category who worked till the end to get their workmates to log those commutes.

Extra Small Organization with 2-10 employees winner - AlertWatch. 100% participation! 154 trips logged. They will enjoy lunch compliments of Jerusalem Garden.

Honorable mention - The Greenway Collaborative 100%, Campus Chapel 100%, Q+M 100%

Small Organization with 11-20 employees winner - Atomic Object. 100% participation! 294 trips logged. They will enjoy lunch from Pizza House.

Honorable mention - Above the Treeline 100%, Spun 100%

Medium Category with 21-50 employees winner - Lakeside Software. 100% participation! 684 trips logged. They will enjoy lunch compliments of Tios (including hot sauce!)

Honorable mention - Torrent Consulting 100%, Ecology Center 100%

Large Category with 51-100 employees winner - SmithGroup JJR. 48.8% participation. 511 trips logged. They will enjoy a tea party from the Tea Haus.

Honorable mention - UM - CoE CLaSp 44.6%

Very Large Category with 101-500 employees winner - ITHAKA/JSTOR. 55.4% participation, 1,966 trips logged. They will enjoy a Mity Nice Italian Ice party.

Honorable mention - Arbor Research Collaborative for Health 36.9%

Extra Large Category with 501+ employees winner - Zingerman's Community of Businesses. 18.1% participation. 1,633 trips logged. They will enjoy cups of sweet goodness from Hello Ice Cream.

Honorable mention - City of Ann Arbor Employees 17.7%, Washtenaw County Employees 9.8%

Keep up the great alternative commuting efforts! for upcoming challenges and commuting resources.