City of Ann Arbor Set to Begin Changing Driver Behavior Study

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Published: Fri, 05/05/2017 - 10:08 AM

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Starts June, 2017

In June, the City of Ann Arbor, under the guidance of Dr. Ron Van Houten and his team from Western Michigan University, will begin a Changing Driver Behavior study. The study will measure the impact of enhanced enforcement at crosswalks and communications feedback on stopping/yielding rates on major commuting routes within Ann Arbor. The study will replicate work Van Houten performed in Gainesville, Florida

A number of major commute routes will be adopted into the study, with half receiving enhanced enforcement and stopping/yielding rate feedback, the other half acting as controls where data will be collected to find if compliance rates outside the targeted routes improve. The study will use road signage as well as local and social media to provide feedback to drivers.

The Ann Arbor Police Department will use warnings with educational material during a wave of enforcement in June. Subsequent waves of enforcement will involve tickets.