3 Things To Know About VanRide

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Published: Thu, 04/30/2015 - 12:23 PM

As we prepare for the 2015 Commuter Challenge, we wanted to give you a run down of some of the great commuting resources available for you in the area.

If you live very far away from work, this one is definitely for you!

3 Things to Know About VanRide

  1. What it is: VanRide is a vanpool program run by TheRide in partnership with VRide. The program supplies groups of 5 or more with a van for commuting purposes.  This program is available for anyone commuting into and within Washtenaw County.  Currently, most VanRide participants work at the University of Michigan or the VA Hospital. Click here for lots more info.
  2. How it Works: You'll need to get a least 4 other people together in a van.  TheRide can help! Call 877-971-POOL or email myvanride@theride.org for help.  Once you get your riders together, you'll get lots more resources to make it work the best for you! More information on how it works can be found here.
  3. Why You Should Use it: If you live at least 30 miles from work, participating in a vanpool through VanRide could save you a ton of money, not to mention wear and tear on your vehicle.  It's also much nicer to share the ride with others.  You may even be able to get work done on your way to work. If you work at UM or the VA, most of the monthly cost of your vanpool is covered, so there are also added savings.

Want to learn more?  Check out the VanRide website at MyVanRide.org or contact Gail at myvanride@theride.org today!