3 Things To Know About Park & Ride Lots

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Published: Thu, 04/16/2015 - 12:33 PM

In the weeks leading up to the Commuter Challenge, getDowntown is highlighting some of your alternative commuting options. 

If you live outside of the Ann Arbor area and are tired of paying for parking, this one's for you!

3 Things to Know About Park & Ride Lots

1. What They Are

Park & Ride lots are free parking lots located outside of downtown Ann Arbor and UM that allow you to park for free and take the bus to work.  If you have a go!pass or UM MCard your bus trip to work is also free! Click here for a full listing of lots or check out a paper RideGuide.

2. How They Work 

Simply park your car and wait for the bus! Typically, buses arrive at Park & Ride lots every 20 minutes during peak times.  It will take anywhere from 8 to 25 minutes to get from a Park & Ride lot to work depending on which one you take.

3. Why You Should Use Them

If you are tired of paying for parking, Park & Ride lots are for you! Think of how much money you would save if you even tried using a Park & Ride lot just 1 day a week.

Also, we've been told that it can often take less time to park at a Park & Ride lot and take the bus to work than it takes to drive to the top of a parking structure, park and then get to work.  Try it yourself and see!  

Not sure which Park & Ride option is best for you? That's where we come in! Shoot us an email at challenge@theride.org for personalized commuting assistance.