3 reasons you don’t need a car if you live/work in downtown Ann Arbor

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Published: Thu, 07/23/2015 - 12:04 PM

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Are you one of the thousands of residents who live in or near downtown Ann Arbor?

Got a job close to downtown, too?

We'll I've got great news for you.

You just got an extra $8,000 in your pocket.


That's because if you live and work in or near downtown Ann Arbor you can get by without a car.

Here's why

1. Zipcars mean you've already got a car downtown. Zipcar, a global carsharing program has tons of cars in downtown Ann Arbor and on the UM Campus.  For a low yearly fee, you can use a car when you need one and forget about it when you don't.

2. ArborBike just made getting around much easier. As of this spring, ArborBike also launched in downtown Ann Arbor and on the UM Campus. ArborBike is a bikeshare program allowing you to check out a bike to get around town, run errands and more.

3. More Buses. More Places. More Often. Thanks to the generosity of local residents, TheRide (AAATA) now has tons of new service going to and out of downtown Ann Arbor. Buses run from around 6:30am in the morning until 11pm at night, M-F.  And starting in August, buses will be running until 10-11am at night!  If you work in downtown Ann Arbor, chances are you have a go!pass that gives you unlimited rides on all TheRide buses.  Talk about an awesome deal.

So enjoy your new place and let us know if you need help figuring out your new commute.  That's what we're here for!