3 Reasons TheRide’s Service Changes are Awesome for Downtown Ann Arbor

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Published: Tue, 08/04/2015 - 12:02 PM

Attention anyone who works, shops, or visits downtown Ann Arbor! The next wave of bus service improvements are launching August 23rd 2015.  And they are going to be awesome for downtown Ann Arbor!  Here's why:

1. Later Saturday Service. Until now, you couldn't take a bus past 6:45pm on Saturdays. Now you can!  Starting August 23rd, most buses will now run until 10-11pm on Saturdays.  This includes all of the popular routes to and from downtown Ann Arbor. Click for details.

2. Later Sunday Service. Most routes to and from downtown Ann Arbor will now run an hour later on Sundays.  That means more time for workers to use the service and more time for customers and visitors to hop on a bus.

3. Ypsi Local Routes Now Have Sunday Service: This is a game changer for many of you who work in Ypsi.  You can now use Ypsi local routes to take the bus to work on Sundays! This is totally new service, compliments of the transit millage approved by voters. Click here for details.

And much more, including more service on select routes and a new route in Pittsfield!

Check out all of the details at TheRideYourWay.Org